What’s the difference between Synthia and Jay-D?
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For a start, Jay-D is a DIY DJ mixtable, while Synthia is a DIY digital musical sampler. 

Synthia is our newest device, and we tried to make it a bit cooler.
The biggest difference is that Jay-D has a display while Synthia does not. On the other hand, Synthia has a microphone, while Jay-D does not have the recording option!

You’ll learn about digital-to-analog conversion, microcomputers, and other electronic components with both of them. Also, you’ll learn about digital audio systems, sound waves, LEDs, and much more.

While Jay-D is the mini DJ mixtable, Synthia combines the sampler, drum machine, sequencer, and synthesizer functions. 

After building it, with Jay-D, you can multiple music files simultaneously, fade between the song and control BPMs, design a custom light show, and make your songs and sound effects. With Synthia, you’ll be able to record your voice or sounds and make some funky beats!

Check the links if you want to know more about Synthia and Jay-D.