What is the difference between 2G and 4G Ringo?
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 The main difference between those two versions is the area in which they are supported.
Even though the 4G technology is more advanced and allows you to connect to the Internet via mobile data with higher speeds, it doesn’t offer you much more functionality on this phone.
The only reason it is featured on some devices is that the 2G has been shut down in some areas (ex. the USA).In areas where 2G is still active, it is recommended that you get a 2G version since it drains slightly less power, costs less, and will give you the same functionality compared to the 4G version.
In other areas, the 4G version will work similarly. Also, 2G is going to outlive 3G in certain areas of the world, such as Europe. If you’re buying the phone from our website (circuitmess.com/ringo), the phone version will automatically be selected based on your location.
You will not be able to choose between 2G and 4G, and your phone will work correctly in your country. Despite 4G sounding better than 2G, do not worry; it will give you no advantage on Ringo since the increased mobile data speed 4G provides just cannot be used properly on your Ringo.
If you for any reason want to buy a version that isn’t automatically selected for your country, send us an email at contact@circuitmess.com so we can arrange your shipment, but we recommend that you stick to the automatically selected phone model that our webshop offers you.