Metal cap connector came off and now I can’t solder anything on it. How can I fix this?
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 If one of the golden connectors around the holes on the board came off, you have to create an additional connection.

This is a very tricky thing, so if you are not very experienced in soldering and not 100% sure what you’re doing, it’s better not to do it. You can contact us at and send us a few photos of the board so we can take a closer look.

If you still want to do it, then move on.

Scrape a small black part next to the connector off – it’s a protective layer that’s not a conductor, and you have to get to the layer that lets impulses go through.

Then take the soldering iron and a piece of solder and solder it to the pin so that the connection is made with the scraped part.

It should look something like this.

If connected correctly, it should work properly. If the signal is not existent or incomplete, then the connection is not good enough, and you have to do the previous action again.