I ordered something with my Batmobile preorder. Can I get other kits before summer?
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If you have placed a Batmobile preorder on our webshop, but you have also decided to order one of our regular kits with it - this FAQ is for you!

Batmobile will start shipping in October 2022, and maybe you don't want to wait all this time until you kick off with one of the projects you ordered.

Don't worry; you can contact us at contact@circuitmess.com, send us the order number you got via email, and let us know if you want to receive your ByteBoi, Chatter, Nibble; or any other device you might have ordered before August!

Unfortunately, we cannot speed up Batmobile delivery, but we hope you'll use the time you'll wait for it to learn about coding and soldering on one of our other devices.