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Do I have to pay import duties for my package?
How can I issue a shipping complaint?
I ordered something with my Batmobile preorder. Can I get other kits before summer?
I missed the discount. What should I do?
How can I install CircuitBlocks?
I need to change the shipping address! How can I do that?
Do you ship your packages to my country?
Is shipping free?
Why can’t I log in to my account on your website?
How can I purchase your kits?
I want to buy a kit, but send it to someone else. Can I do that on your webshop?
What happens if my package gets lost?
I received a promotion code. How do I apply it?
How do I contact customer support?
What are your customer support hours?
Is there a minimum purchase amount for my order?
How do I find my order number?
What do I do if my device is defective or I received the wrong order?
Do you offer a repair?
I can't edit or change my payment method. What should I do?
I have placed my order a while ago but I still have not received it
I have received a wrong order. What to do?
Something is missing from my box
I have accidentally broken a component, where can I buy a spare part?
Which operating systems and platforms do you support?
Where can I find additional information and learning materials?
I have soldered the pins to the wrong side of the board. How do I turn it around?
Will I receive an UK/AU plug adapter along with the product I’ve ordered?
CircuitBlocks doesn’t want to compile my sketch
I have an improvement suggestion!
I have noticed a bug!
What is CircuitMess' refund policy?

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